The great Serengeti wildebeest migration is the best attractive migration ever seen in the world. This is considered on the most amazing Serengeti Safaris in Tanzania.

This migration takes a large number of wildebeests accompanied with number of gazelles (grant gazelles), zebras and impalas.

These herds of wildebeest migration from Serengeti to Maasai Mara in Kenya then back to Serengeti. This migration occurs throughout the year where the animals moving in cycle for fresh grasses and water. While in migration there where many of them dying and other who will survives due to predators and exhaustion, (the strong one is the one will survive). This migration pulled by rainfall availability in this area which will lead to grown of new pastures. This is the natural world wonder spectacular to watch.

At the early of November the herds arriving southern Serengeti at Ndutu region, just after short rains begins. This beasts stay for almost three months, through January, February and March grazing and fresh water. Wildebeest are born in this period and at the end of March they are ready to ride the northern part of Serengeti.

April and May they slowly move toward South of Seronera and Moru Kopjes, accompanied with many animals like Zebras, grant gazelles and Thomson gazelles. Some herds scattered in Seronera region at Central Serengeti toward the west of Serengeti during June and July. This migration will move cross Grumeti River, This likely happened during this period. The migration herd to the north trough Grumeti and Ikongoro Reserve.

In early September the beasts moving across Mara River, is the best part to move to the Masai Mara in Kenya where you can spot wildebeest getting panic and confused where there are large number of crocodile. The spending in Masai Mara depending on rains; sometimes they can change directions back to Tanzania in October, crossing Mara River to the east nearly November.